Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Just as soon as you resolve to do something, fate sends temptation your way.  So I decide I need to cut back on spending and then received five sale catalogues through the door.  Actually that wasn't so bad.  I can resist clothes from Lands End because they don't do maternity.  (But I am worried that if Cox & Cox are selling things cheaply does that mean they won't stock them anymore??? Then I could miss out completely on some things I have been eyeing up).

But here was my dilemma for yesterday.  I phoned Ocado to make sure they don't renew my Delivery Pass.  The one which gives me unlimited delivery for a year, but costs £109 right now.  And the lady on the phone quite happily stopped the renewal.  But then she asked me if I wanted to have unlimited delivery for £3.99 per month.  This is the new deal.. I said, that I was cancelling because I was told I would have to pay £109.  She said, that was if I renewed automatically.  Now I am both confused why they would happily charge me so much when they have a deal on, but also I am not sure if I should sign up to the new programme. 

I said that I would need to think about it and now I can't find this offer on the website to think it through further.  The thing is, that if you cough up £50 on your credit card and then don't pay it off for several months, then you are not only not saving, but losing out big time.  So be strong.  Say no.  Walk away. 

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