Monday, 10 January 2011

Patchwork Heart Picture

You can make your own art at a fraction of the cost.  You will need for this project:

Picture frame with mount (this one is from IKEA for about £16)
Scraps of red paper from magazines, cards, etc.  (or colour of your choice)
Spray mount (optional)
Masking tape
White card larger than the centre mount
Two pieces of white paper or card, cut to fit the size of the centre square

  1. Begin by cutting all of the red paper into approximately one inch squares.  They can be a bit rustic if you like.  For the best effect choose papers of different textures.  I found some shiny card, some dark red with ridges, thin construction paper, and a variety of shades from magazines.  (This process took me a few weeks to find enough squares).
  2. Take one of the white pieces of paper or card and begin to glue the squares on in rows.  They can overlap slightly.  Try to fill the paper as much as possible.  Allow to dry thoroughly. 

3.  Taking the other white piece of paper, cut out a heart shape:  Fold the white paper in half, then cut a half heart.  Unfold to reveal the whole heart.  Place it in frame to make sure you like it.

4.  Place the heart on the patchwork squares and VERY CAREFULLY cut out.

5.  Next, mount your patchwork heart onto the card, ensuring it fits into the mount nicely.  (I find this to be the hardest bit).  Secure the card to the back of the mount with tape. 
6.  Try this in the frame to make sure it fits well.  When it is just right, close the frame.

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