Sunday, 16 January 2011

Farm Gathering

Everyone from the farm gathered here for dinner last night.  We even had family from America.  I had 11 people altogether.  And I didn't have to cook!  (Much.)  I made the Indian chicken I made last week.  And others made salad, a spicy rice stir fry and we had a delicious chocolate orange gateau from Tescos. 

I really wanted to take photos and copy the recipe for the stir fry.  But after tidying up and preparing the chicken, this pregnant lady needed to put her feet up!  I will try to get the recipe another time.  Unfortuantely we all stayed up way too late and I am quite bleary eyed his morning.  And no, I did not have any alcohol.  Our pancakes were a bit lumpy this morning!

And what is even better news is that my neighbours gave me a bag of girls clothes!  They are having a second girl a month or so before me, but they have so many. They are lovely and I am excited about all of the little dresses and things.  It is still hard to imagine that I will have this little bundle in a few months time!  (Even though she is kicking me day and night!)

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