Thursday, 13 January 2011

Numberjacks Biscuits

My 4-year old is becoming a dab hand at the computer these days!  He likes playing the games on Cbeebies.  This morning he found a recipe for Numberjacks biscuits, and of course he wanted to make them.  This fit perfectly in with my plan because we are having some houseguests this afternoon, and a few biscuits are always useful to have on hand.

This recipe is another gingerbread/spicy biscuit type.  Yum!  We don't have number cutters, so we made all sorts of fun shapes.  As usual we skipped the icing, since I have a household of icing-haters (Shame). 

It is a great site for many games, colouring sheets, songs, and recipes:

Numberjacks Biscuits

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