Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Donate your Hair

In terms of ease, this is a great way to do your bit for someone who has lost their hair due to cancer or alopecia.  A quick Internet search can provide you with a number of charities willing to take hair which they send off to make wigs.  Some charities specialise in giving wigs to children, some to women with cancer, and some have a mix of recipients.  You can choose a charity to match your sentiments as well as your hair.  There are a few which will take dyed hair, and some will take shorter hair as well. 

Here is a woman who has done some research on a few different charities when she chose to donate her hair a few years back How to choose

It has been a while since I had a haircut, and so I have plenty of hair to donate.  This is good, because most charities require at least 8 inches, and most require 10 inches of clean, undyed hair.

Here is one of the charities I am considering donating to:


In the USA you can try:

LocksofLove (my sister grows and donates her hair here every year!)

But there are plenty of places out there!

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  1. So I have finally managed to get myself to the hairdresser--after an embarrassingly long time of neglecting my poor hair. But the good thing is that I was able to take off a full 12 inches, which is the length required by most charities. (My hair is now shoulder length). I hope that my donation is useful to someone somewhere. My hair is certainly easier to both wash (we don't have a shower here) and brush!