Saturday, 8 January 2011

Ads and Vegetable boxes

Well one of the rules is that I am not allowed to click on the ads on my own site.  But they are so tempting since they are mostly related to what I write about.  Like this morning when I logged on and saw the ad for  They have such good looking goodies and I will likely try some when I have finished with my being really frugal and eating from my cupboards experiment.

I am on the lookout for a new vegetable box scheme.  I am hoping since my last search that more have popped up in my community!  I actually really liked the one I used to use.  They had veg, meat, eggs, and some fish.  They made their own sausages and cured their own bacon.  But I had a few problems.  One was that I was really hoping to find one which sold dairy products.  And after a year or two eating their products I got really tired of eating their meats!  They were lovely organic, free range cows and chickens they raised themselves.  (They do pork as well, but we don't care for pork).  But they tasted so gamey to me.  Now this would appeal to a lot of folks I know, but not to me I am afraid.  So I have been heading to the grocery stores and farm shops for meat more recently.

I do try to grow a lot of my own vegetables, and so cancelled my box a couple of years ago.  But I have been having so many problems with my soil that my yield has been very poor in the last few years.  (More of that in later posts).  So I might peruse the web this morning in search of something new.  Or have a look at my old scheme and see what they are offering these days.

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