Friday, 14 January 2011

A Return to Love

I thought I had read this books many years ago, but must have read some of her other works.  I am a big Marianne Williamson fan.  I am looking forward to hearing her on  I think she has a new programme on Tuesdays. 

This book draws on her experiences studying and teaching on A Course In Miracles.  This is a modern evolution of Christianity and has many fans.  While many of the ideas are different from the lessons we grew up with, they really appeal to me.

I have picked this up several times over the last year.  I re-read sections and get more out of it each time.  I am fascinated by many of the concepts:  God is love.  Fear is hell.  We come here to learn lessons and return to love.

I like how this book goes over some of they key points from a Course in Miracles, but in simpler terms.  I think that both books are very powerful and have the potential to not only alter your thinking, but alter the way you live--and enjoy your life. 

I think that what people gain from the book is quite personal, and I would like to blog on my gains at some point.  I think that I will be reading some sections again and using some of the ideas in my journaling and meditation practices this year.  And I would love to hear from others what they think about the book.

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