Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Good thing I am skint...

because I have been looking at the Babykind website researching the new nappy systems out there.  A lot has changed over the last four years!  I am so confused about what to get to augment my favourite motherease nappies...(if you read my post on cloth nappies you will know I started using cloth nappies when my son was a month old and didn't get on with my first set, so I need to get something to fit my baby for the first couple of months).

And while I was there I was searching around the site because it has been  a while.  So now I feel I want one of their new wetbags, their changing bag/baby carrier (check it out), fairtrade dolls (can't find mixed race dolls easily for my kids), babybits to make my own wipes solution, natural nappy rash creams and soaps, and cleansing pads.  I was planning to buy more of their cloth menstrual pads, but have thankfully decided to make my own. 

It is really too bad that we don't have baby showers in the UK!

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