Sunday, 9 January 2011


I like to delude myself that I don't really need much.  I am relatively frugal because needs must, but in truth I am probably as materialistic as the next person.  I think that if only I had the perfect set of kitchen tools, or organic underwear my life would be ordered and complete.  I believe that once I make the next purchase I will turn into a domestic goddess and keep the living room spotless just so I can house said object.  If I can but have beautiful objects I would of course appreciate them, take care of them, and not need anything else.

So here are a few things I am convinced I need.

  • A whole new wardrobe.  I am sold on Gok Wan's idea that we only need 24 key pieces.  And my key pieces would be organic, fairtrade and/or vintage.  Plus organic undies, pajamas, and yoga pants.  (I would probably keep my Shetland wool cardigan which belonged to my grandmother).
  • New dishes.  I technically have enough dishes to feed quite a few guests--although I don't have a table which will fit quite a few guests.  But over the years my dishes have by way of breakages become a mix and match set.  Need?  No.  Want?  Yes!
  • Books.  Well there are always more than a few books on my amazon wish list!
  • Greenhouse, Chicken Coop and Chickens, oh and a new wheelbarrow
  • More memory for my computer (enough to house all of my music and films)
  • New winter coat, jacket and snow boots

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