Friday, 14 January 2011

Square Foot Gardening

This is one of my favourite gardening books.  It is amazing how much you can grow in such a small space.  Mel Batholomew also gives such great tips for keeping seeds year after year, and watering etc. 

I find it much easier to grow vegetables in beds instead of huge rows.  With this method you grow what you need rather than simply emptying a seed packet down a long row, only to have to thin out later.  So this method is less waste, less weeding, and there is less waste with the produce at the end.  (Let's face it, summer squashes don't freeze that well).  The other great advantage is that there is no annual digging involved!  If you don't walk all over your vegetable patch, and compact the earth, there is no reason to dig it. 

If you are new to gardening or trying to grow in a very small space,this is a very helpful book.  And if you want to expand, you can do that easily too by creating more beds!

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