Monday, 27 December 2010


Zege means "concrete" in Swahili.  But please don't let the name put you off!.  Zege is very popular bar food or as a snack at home. Traditionally it is made by making fresh chips (French fries), but we use oven chips for ease.  Although zege is cosidered a snack, it is very filling.  So concrete refers to both its looks when it comes out of the pan and the filling feeling in your stomach.  We usually eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Oven chips---4-5 per person
1-2 eggs per person
salt and pepper
ketchup to serve

1.  Cook the oven chips according to the package directions. 
2.  When ready, put them in a large frying pan with a bit of oil.
3.  Beat eggs, add pepper, and add to the pan.
4.  Cook over a medium heat until the eggs are cooked through, flipping over to ensure they are done.  The zege will brown lightly on each side.
5.  Cut into pieces, split among the plates and serve with ketchup.  Add salt if desired.

Optional:  We sometimes add cooked chicken pieces to the pan along with the eggs.  In Tanzania zege is sometimes served with kebab as well.

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