Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Decorations 2010

I can remember going through a phase as a teenager when I thought holiday decorations were clutter.  A waste of time, money and space.  What was I thinking?  I love my tree.  It is a fake one.  I can put it up when I want and keep it up as long as I want and we have relatively few dropped needles.  I also like that it does not go to waste.  Even with shredding schemes popping up around the country I can't help but feel that real trees waste money and I hate chopping trees down.  But to each their own.

My living room already has touches of red and green, so these Christmas decorations fit right in.  I use a plaid ribbon as a garland.  It is cheaper and sturdier.  My son helped me with the decorations this year and since we have put it up the cats remove ornaments almost daily.  So we get a new tree every day as we redecorate it.

I put the stockings on the stairs because we have to use our fireplaces every day.

A medieval style trencher I purchased at an English Civil War Re-enactment a few years ago.  I fill it with baubles from Poundland.  I usually pop a glass bowl of floating candles in the middle.  But I find candles and kids don't mix all that well.

I made this as a baby quilt a few years ago.  I found a new use for it instead.

My friend brought me this lovely wooden bowl from Zambia.  It sits in my living room year round and gets the festive touch from baubles.

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