Saturday, 25 December 2010

Hand Embroidered Cushion---Craft Gallery

I have always loved this saying.  My step-mother has it on a plaque in her house.  I embroidered it free style.  I made this using scraps and fabric from my quilting stash. The cream fabric in the middle is from an old wool blanket.  (You will see bits of it cropping up in several projects).  The pillow is an inexpensive one from IKEA.  I always like picking them up there because they are cheaper, covered and better quality than the ones I can find in the shops near me.  (Considering my interest in crafting, it is really unfortunate that I do not have any good craft stores near by.)  The backing matches the red in the house.

I think that I will be putting this in a frame on the wall soon because it gets quite a bit of wear and tear with my son jumping on the couch.

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