Thursday, 23 December 2010

It's a Girl

I had my twenty week scan today and found out that I am having a girl.  I was so convinced that I was having a boy this time.  Mostly because I have a boy, so it is easier to imagine!  It was so amazing watching her suck her thumb.  And looking at the different organs, watching her kick.  Here in the UK we usually get two scans.  One at twelve weeks and one at about twenty weeks to check for possible problems.  And it was such a relief to hear the sonographer say that the baby looks good!

So I might have some shopping to do!  I have been saving all of my son's clothes and toys.  Many of his clothes were handmedowns from my nephews.  They have been such a relief to a cash strapped mother.  I have had a few offers of some more handmedowns if I have a girl and I am very willing to accept.  I know mothers who want to have a few new things or some things they have chosen themself. That is not me.  I am too practical to turn down items and I have been fortunate in receiving nice things so far.  Now I need to head to the attics to go through my boxes of boy things, see if I can use any for a girl, and pass on my boy stuff to the charity shops.  I will have a quick check with my friends, but I don't know anyone who is having a boy any time soon.  It will give me some time to enjoy one of my favourite pasttimes---decluttering!  I have been so diligent saving these items (and lending them out, getting them back, packing away again in labelled boxes).  But now I can pass them on---another favourite pasttime.

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