Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year's Resolutions 2011 Part 1

I have been writing in my journal for many years now.  I always liked this time of year when I would fill my journal with my hopes and resolutions for the years ahead.  I would list all sorts of goals from eating well and exercise, to making 12 quilts, reading 52 books, traveling to 3 new lists would take pages to write and I began each year with such anticipation for the wonderful things to come. 

Only, my resolutions would usually last less than a week.  (I often managed the 52 books).  But I created way too many goals for myself without any real plans on how to carry them out.  I spent year after year eating the same way, exercising (or not) the same way, and feeling bad about myself.  And so I decided to spend a few years refusing to create resolutions. 

The break has helped me in a few ways.  I have been focusing more on the everyday, appreciating the moment, and counting up my accomplishments.  I have been reading books on positive thinking and embracing the notion that I am doing the best I can at this moment in time.

I feel I am ready to make resolutions again and have asked my Other Half to join me in creating some family resolutions this year.  I would like to take the lessons I have learned into this next year. I would like to create goals which are achievable and really benefit my family.  So I have a plan......

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