Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Two Months Left

So I am due to have a baby in seven weeks.  Well, I think due dates are so approximate---my first was three weeks early.  This one could technically come a couple of weeks late...though I would prefer a teensy bit early of course!

I am not sure how ready I am.  In my typical fashion I have made an enormous, insurmountable, unachievable, pipe dream to do list involving cleaning, sorting, gardening, sewing, making all of my own homemade toiletries and cleaning products....well, ok I am realistic enough not to have put that on my list.  But there is something that happens when a new person is coming along which makes you want to have a clean, welcoming home.  And loving family traditions.  And natural, eco friendly products, a want to stop swearing and arguing so much, create an oasis of calm and order.  I even want to get rid of half of the toys we already have--even though they will come in handy soon enough!

I think this "nesting" instinct is a great thing and I think this is a great time of year to do it.  I have been going through boxes of papers which were meant to be filed etc over the years only to find that I could recycle half of them.  I have purged the kitchen cupboards getting rid of stale flours and making room for new healthy and wholesome foods.  I have emptied out the airing cupboard and gotten rid of extra sheets, blankets and pillowcases I will never use.  I have been sorting the old baby clothes and donating the boy stuff to people who can use it (I hope).  And I even managed to convince my Other Half to get rid of a whole bin bag full of clothes, which is quite an accomplishment let me tell you!

I have no idea how much of my list I will get through.  Still feeling so sick each day makes it difficult to do much of anything for more than an hour or two at a time.  And I think that digging in the garden will have to wait until I am not so cumbersome and my lungs are not being squashed by a creature the size of a honeydew (currently).

But I also worried abut being emotionally ready, both personally and as a family, to make room for a new person.  We need to get through sleepless nights and extra laundry, but also adjust to the attention a little one demands.  How will the older siblings manage having to adjust to parents with yet another distraction?  While I hope that we have raised loving and understanding kids, I won't hold my breath! 

I hope that we will continue to grow through the experience.  Both as individuals and as a family unit.  I believe that having children is a very good way to learn about yourself, to develop an even deeper understanding of love, to improve communication, to practice tolerance, to promote life skills, and deepen our spiritual connections.  And so I plug away at my list, hoping to complete some of it before she comes, and full of hope for a happy future for our family.

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