Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Button Quilt

I made this quilt with the help of my mother.  Or maybe to help her out!  She was making a cull of her fabric stash and decided to cut tons of them up into squares.  She also had some fabric samples, so we made all of the squares the same size.  Then we made a number of quilts intended to go to charity.  For some of the quilt tops I made elaborate trees, some hearts, all sorts!  This one was just a mix of pleasing colours.  Mom finished it off tying it with a button in each square.  (I am terrible with sewing buttons on!).  This one came with me to the University of New Hampshire and sat on my bed for four years.  For a young child I would skip the buttons in case they are a choking hazard.

Oh, to make sewing squares easier I used the method from my Quilt in a Day--log cabin pattern book.  It is superquick!  I will have to write a post on it the next time I use it so I can illustrate with photos.

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