Friday, 25 March 2011

Half a Lamb

Yesterday we took delivery of half a lamb from the guy who rents one of the farm fields for his sheep.  I admit I am still squeamish about eating lamb I watched grow up--especially after being vegetarian for ten years.  Never mind the the ten years of eating meat since!  I still struggle with the idea of eating meat and rather like the packaged stuff we get from the supermarket.  Ideally I prefer organic or free range meat because I am nervous about the hormones and things fed to animals these days.  I am also concerned about animal welfare and prefer to eat "happy" animals if that is possible!

I love that this lamb is local and that it tastes so good!  Here is the UK most of our lamb is imported from New Zealand.  And although I know that New Zealand is well known for its lamb, the taste just does not compare to some of our local stuff.  In fact, during my last pregnancy I couldn't eat lamb because I thought it had too strong a flavour.  Whereas I have managed to eat plenty of our last half a lamb and I have been looking forward to this delivery. 

It cost us £45 for half a lamb, which was butchered and wrapped ready for the freezer.  This lasts us a few months if we are careful.  Our first chops (my least favourite cut) last night were great. 

Finding a small, independent supplier like I have might not be easy, but you can always check your local butchers for prices.  A good option is salt marsh lamb  It is a bit expensive, but some of the most delicious we have had.  Go in with a friend and you may get an even better price.  Sheep are free range anyway, so if the organic aspect does not matter to you, then you can save a bit. 

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