Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Paper Towel and Disposable Wipes challenge!

I am an addict.  In the last few years and especially the last few months I have become addicted to using baby wipes throughout the house.  I use them to wipe sticky fingers, wipe messy tables, spot clean the floor and walls, and even wash myself if I am in a hurry.

Now one of the ironic things about my addiction is that I wouldn't actually use baby wipes on my son.  I used reusable wipes with a special solution made from essential oils for nappy changing.  I did use baby wipes when out in public with his cloth nappies most of the time for convenience.  I usually used baby flannels to clean him up after meals.  I occasionally bought natural eco- and baby- friendly wipes when I could afford them.  Or just ordinary wipes on sale.  But it is really since my son has been potty trained that I have become wipes mad.  Maybe I am living a busier lifestyle trying to cram in work, childcare and domestic chores...but I want to give up my addiction.  I feel that it isn't great for the environment to use disposable products or ones full of chemicals (like formaldehyde!).  And it isn't great on my wallet either.

I actually haven't been buying paper towels in the last couple of months because I have been cutting back on unnecessary expenses.  I have a number of packets of wipes around--probably in every room and in the car!  Thanks to my recent trip to Costco. 

So I am setting myself a challenge before baby comes along.  For the month of April, I am going to hide the wipes.  I will leave the ones in the car because they are so convenient.  I will not buy paper towels or wipes.  I will get out the flannels, baby flannels, dusters, and cut up some old towels to make some more cleaning cloths.

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