Sunday, 27 March 2011

House Rules

These are a collection of house rules I have gathered from family and friends.  The ones in bold are the ones we try to follow in our household.  What about you?  What gets you through?

  • Any food leaving the kitchen must be on a tray.
  • Food and drink must be consumed in the kitchen.  Adults can bring drinks elsewhere in the house.
  • Story time is 7:30 pm.  If you have tidied your toys, brushed your teeth and put your pajamas on you can join in.
  • Snacks kept on a certain jar/shelf/bowl are free-for-all during the day.  For any other food, children need to ask permission.
  • Everyone is in charge of putting their dirty clothes in the hamper and hanging up their own towels.
  • Everyone needs to brush their teeth at least twice a day.
  • Sharp knives are never placed in the sink to prevent nasty accidents.
  • All knives are placed facing down in the dishdrainer.
  • Cats are not allowed on the dining tables or countertops.
  • Toys are not allowed in the living room.
  • Toys must be tidied before bed.
  • Everyone does their own laundry (I did this from age 7)
  • And ironing (I did this from a slightly older age)
  • Crafts, painting and play dough are done at the kitchen table (which is wipe-clean)
  • We do not do punishment in our family.  We believe in natural consequences.  We do not use the naughty step.  We do not threaten with consequences that we will not actually carry out.  We do not insult, name-call or belittle children. 

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