Friday, 7 March 2014

Lenten De-cluttering Challenge 2014 #3

Day three.  And although I have not had chocolate or sweets all day, I am feeling a bit discouraged.  I puttered around the house tidying up a bit of each room and the place still looks awful.  You could just about phone one of those shows where they send in a dozen people to clear the place out while the TV host and householder argue.  And I am wondering if maybe I am discouraged because I am detoxing from years of sweets and chocolate.
I have sorted the mess from the top of my dresser and got rid of quite a few papers, toiletries, general rubbish and boxed up more donations  I think I am well over 40 items.  My room still has a few boxes hiding under the bed, but they will have to live there for considerable time I think.  I still have a lot to do in my bedroom really, but I wanted to make sure I spent some time with the kids too. 
It is early days and I am sure that things will look a better next week.  When I need some extra encouragement I call on Archangel Jophiel to help me out.  Jophiel is the angel of art, beauty and decorating your home.  Spending a few minutes meditating with Jophiel helps calm and renews my sense of purpose.


What does de-cluttering have to do with Jesus's sacrifice for us?
What am I expecting from this task?
Does the clutter influence my mood or does my mood create clutter?
What do I gain by having clutter?

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