Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lent De-cluttering Challenge 2014 #2

I had these great plans to post about some of the prayers I am using to begin this season of de-cluttering. But I find that the best laid plans are always interrupted by my kids!
So as I was in the throws of researching de-cluttering and getting some inspiration from the Pope's Lenten message, my own son was suffering.  He came to me in near tears last evening asking about death and dying and we sat down for a good chat.
For weeks now I have worried over the TV he has been watching.  Although I have read loads about kids and TV, I have let my kids watch quite a lot of it.  My 7 year old has also chosen to use the living room as his bedroom.  He doesn't want to share with his 2 year old sister (who disturbs his sleep) and he really likes the novelty of the sofa bed.  But this does mean that when I want to watch Midsomer Murders or NCIS then he is often around and awake. 
Over the last couple of weeks he has been asking a lot of questions about death and especially how badly it would hurt to die from various violent acts (gun, knife, fire, etc.).  He also watches a lot of Scooby Doo and various vampire/wizard programmes on CBBC. 
So we had a good chat about death and heaven.  And we made a plan to give up mysteries (adult ones, and some kid ones) for Lent. 
Then we read a few of our favourite books including

The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside


Thank you, Angels by Doreen Virtue

This morning we dropped off our 40 items from yesterday and another 22 I gathered this morning.  I have gathered another 18+ items for the rubbish bin which goes out tonight.  (Including a filthy pair of trainers, but mostly wrappers and things from the car!). 

When you donate a pair of shoes, do you count it as one item or two?
Can we make time this week to finish our angel mailbox (more on that later)?
Day 2, no chocolate or sweets so far!

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  1. Sorry, the pair of shoes count as one item. K