Sunday, 16 March 2014

Lent De-Cluttering Challenge Weekly Update, Week 1

It is amazing how quickly the time goes when you have the flu---not.  And nothing makes you feel worse than sitting around not being able to do things that you really want to do.  Cleaning, de-cluttering.  Who would have thought? But I was itching to be up and clearing things out while I was hot with fever, and moaning with a sore throat.  I became ill last Sunday morning and I am still suffering.

It is a good thing that last Saturday I managed to gather 40 items to get rid of AND do 40 minutes weeding in the garden.  When I woke up on Sunday I was tempted to keep going in the garden despite the fact that I was meant to take Sundays "off."  But the fever soon took care of that.  Despite being ill, over the course of the week I actually managed to do quite a bit.  So while I don't know how many items I threw out exactly, I know it is a good number. This includes some clothes which were not good enough for donation or my rag rug (some involved in a dog poo incident---don't ask!).  And I have gathered two boxes plus of things to donate.

I have also sorted the spice shelf and threw out about ten items.  Sorting my toiletries got rid of a few more.  I received a small bag of handmedowns last week.  So I could pass on four pairs of boots, and a few t-shirts too.  I am not counting the fact that some items came in the house, because having the flu should mean I can be more lenient after all.

While I was quite disappointed to be so sick as I began this project I am not all that surprised.  There are those who believe a fever is a way of killing off some element of negativity from the past, a type of cleansing.  And if there is anything that needs doing when you are de-cluttering it is that.  Releasing the emotional need to hold on to things.  In fact it is remarkable just how many objects I have accidently ruined or that have broken, become worn out, and useless over the last few days.  Clothes suddenly tearing, toys found broken, as if my stuff is trying to get up and leave my home.  (When I start just clearing off every bookcase please call for professional help).

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