Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Nourishing Traditions Cookbook

I have finally got my hands on a copy of this book after months of reading blogs and websites about it.  I am devouring the pages as I breastfeed and I am shocked by much of the information within.  Some of it flies in the face of current healthy guidelines provided by government agencies and nutritionists.  I think that you can't believe everything that you read, and this is no exception, but I also think there is something to this. 

The research and recipes are inspired by traditional diets throughout the world.  The premise is that whole foods are healthier---no surprise there, but that we thrive on fermented foods, animals fats, and raw milk products.  These products, being unrefined still contain natural enzymes and nutrients which are vital for good health and digestion.  The book also suggests that grains, beans, and nuts need to be soaked or sprouted for us to get the benefit--and to remove "toxic" substances. 

If you want a taster of some of the recipes or theories you can find several blogs out there where people have been trying the recipes out.  Two are found below in my favourite websites list---the is really informative.

I find that the information can be quite overwhelming at times, but I would like to try to implement some of the practices into our family life.  At this point I would probably say that I won't subscribe to this way of eating 100%.  I can't imagine giving up chocolate for instance.  Or going to somebody's house for dinner and refusing the food because the wheat wasn't ground in their kitchen the day before to be soaked overnight.... We need to live in this world with other people in it.  But I am hoping that even making some small changes might improve our health.

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