Saturday, 25 June 2011

Kittens and more Kittens!

So when I last wrote about my kittens I did not mention that I actually had two pregnant cats.  The week before the birth of Ellie's kittens, I noticed that my other cat, Millie was no longer pregnant.  She was roaming around the house and the farm as normal and we could not find kittens anywhere.  After several days of searching I concluded that perhaps she miscarried as she was under a year old.

Well, four weeks later my four year old came running to me complaining that he wanted to pet one of the kittens under the couch.  This was a couch in a room we don't use much.  And sure enough there were four kittens under there!  We just couldn't believe that we never heard them and that we missed out on their growing up. 

Now the kittens are 10 and 11 weeks old.  Four have gone to their new homes.  One will be going soon, and I need to find homes for the other three. 

It has been a pleasure and a bit of a pain taking care of so many kittens.  Everyone told me that the mothers litter train them,  which is not necessarily true.  So there is a lot of cleanup every day.  But they are cute and have provided a good distraction for my son while I am paying attention to the new baby.

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