Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My Favourite Eggs

My veg box arrived today.  I am using Riverford Organic these days.  It kind of takes the fun out of it because they tell you ahead of time what is in each box.  My son helped me choose our box this week, which he said had to have spinach, which is part of his favourite meal (fish, sakumawiki and ugali--see recipes for these on the blog). 
But when the spinach arrived today, I just couldn't resist using a few leaves for my lunch!  It is so simple.  Who says healthy has to be complicated?  And I used our new bowl for the first time.  My son painted the inside, my baby's footprints are on the outside, and I did a few spots for fun.

You will need:

Butter or olive oil for frying
half of a spring onion or salad onion (or some regular onion), chopped
handful of fresh spinach, washed
2 eggs, beaten

1.  Fry the onion in some butter until soft.
2.  Add the spinach and stir until wilted.
3.  Add the beaten egg and cook thoroughly.
4.  Serve with salt and pepper to taste.

This may not be glamorous, but it is quick, easy, and full of nutrients. 

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