Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Clearing Out

While I was pregnant I really wanted to organise my home in preparation for the new arrival and the change of routine she would bring to our household.  But since I was often quite ill, and usually unrealistic, I did not accomplish nearly as much as I would have liked.  Funnily enough, since she has been born I have really been clearing out tons of stuff.  In my efforts I have found loads of boxes and bags I have stuffed into cupboards, attics, and closets over the years.  I found a huge bag of clothes which I had packed up to give to charity which had been placed in my son's closet.  The plastic bags they were in was starting to decay. 

Since I am housesitting (technically), I actually live in a house with a mixture of our stuff and the owner's (my cousin) stuff. And most of my cousin's stuff is actually stuff which has been here for many, many years.  Like war rations, army tents, dusty books, binoculars in leather cases, and the like.  And I have used this selection of clutter as an excuse not to clear out.  Sure, I got rid of most things which were actually rotten, mouldy, broken, or wouldn't be missed if I donated them the the Village Fete.  And that left a rather large amount of objects still.  And over the last ten years I have managed to accumulate so many of my own things which I have added to the mess (to be frank). 

But now I am having a purge.  I would love to sell some of my stuff, and I might get around to it.  But for the most part I just want it out.  Give everything to charity, the rubbish tip, or the recycling centre.  I can't believe the things I am finding again, and really wondering why I kept some of it.  Especially when someone else could use it.  (And then I will have room to get more stuff!)

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