Friday, 4 February 2011


Moosewood restaurant became famous for its vegetarian fare and its selection of cookbooks.  My mother had a few of their books when I was a teenager and I especially liked a few recipes from this one.  On Sundays the menu would change to include ethnic fare.  Although there were recipes from all over the world, my favourites were some from the British Isles!

This potato and vegetable casserole recipe is from memory, because I don't have the book and I have made it many times over the years.  I hope it is mostly accurate.  It is very similar to "colcannon."  I have not written this out step by step.  I hope you get the idea.


  1. Make some mashed potatoes and season as you normally would.  (I mash with butter, milk, salt and pepper).
  2. Steam or boil a leek, some chopped broccoli, and chopped cabbage.  When tender, mix with butter, salt, pepper, and a pinch of nutmeg.
  3. Mix the mash and veg together.
  4. You can eat it like this.
  5. Or you can place it in a casserole dish, top with shredded cheddar cheese, and pop in the oven until golden brown.
You can make large quantities and freeze this is casseroles as part of the Cook once for the month.  You can serve this on its own as a vegetarian meal or as a side dish for meat.  We have it with good quality sausages---Irish ones work especially well if you can find nice ones.

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