Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cook for a Month Trial Food Shop

I think we did really well! I spent more than I would have liked I guess, but we did not come home with food we won't eat.  I also managed to find plastic boxes on sale and glass baking dishes with lids!  This is great because I prefer to use reusable things instead of plastic bags. 

So I spent an extra £30 on those items.  And I found some great pillows on sale.  This was on my wish list because I am entering that stage of pregnancy when you want good pillows.  And mine are currently flat as a pancake. 

But all of the food was within my original budget.  And I was able to get cat food, cat litter, and everything else on my list.  By dividing the list we were able to get through more quickly than usual even though it was a Saturday afternoon.  We were all tired by the end though!  And best of all we were able to fit everything in the fridge until it is all cooked and put away. 

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