Monday, 7 February 2011

Latest Obsession

So I have been holed up at home with a cold, a toothache, and of course the usual pregnancy nausea.  At times like these it is hard to go out, to read, to cook, to blog.....but I keep finding myself playing around on the LL Bean website.  Their bags, especially their backpacks have such a reputation for lasting forever and I have been thinking about getting some monogrammed backpacks for the kids. 

Since I have my mother coming to visit me when this baby is born I thought this would be a great time to order some things and have her bring them to me.  I have been playing around with colours and trying to decide if the items should have their last names, two initials, three initials, four initials (since the kids have four names each ).  I had ruled out first names straight away since I am not sure if this is safe in this day and age. 

So after asking for advice from family and chopping and changing my mind all week I have finally placed the order.  I am excited.  I am hoping they live up to their reputation of lasting for many years.  I hope the kids like them---my 4 year old picked out the colours!  We will have to see how we get on.

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