Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cook for a Month Trial Cooking

So here we have hit a bit of a snag.  I had already taken into account that I would not be able to cook all at once.  And I had taken into account that my son had a birthday party to go to, disrupting our cooking the next day.  But I did not fully consider the disruptions caused by a really bad cold running through the household.   I usually think it is best to stay out of the kitchen when you are sick, so this is a real dilemma.

A quick look at the expiry dates helps to organise the cooking over four days rather than two.  Or maybe more days...

Day One: 
Beef Brisket:  Cost a hefty £15.  Cooked in the bottom of the AGA all day.  Made one roast dinner, and FIVE cottage pies in various sizes with this one.  Portions:  17-20 depending on size.
Day Two:
Chicken:  One free range chicken cost £7.  I cooked this in veg broth, apple juice, leeks, apples, onion, bay leaves, peppercorns, carrots, celery, and parsnips.  This made quite a few portions of soup.  We ate this and froze the rest in various size containers.  Then, we took the bones, added spices and more veg and put it in the bottom of the AGA overnight to make more stock.  This was made into soup and frozen/eaten.  Then the rest of the chicken was eaten during two lunches AND the rest made into a Thai peanut curry and tucked in the freezer.  Portions:  15-19
Eggs and Croissants
Day Three:
2.5 kg Chicken pieces:  These cost £6 for 16 pieces on the bone.  Four went into Honey Dump Chicken sauce, another four the same.  Then I divided the other eight into two more freezer bags.  I had originally wanted to make the Indian chicken and lentil casserole, but did not feel well enough.
Eggs and chapatis from the freezer.
Chicken Soup
Day Four:
Tilapia:  2 whole tilapia for £7.  Delicious.  Served with ugali and sukumawiki.
Chicken---made this into Thai Peanut curry to freeze (see above)

This is the story so far.  We still have cheddar, Parmesan, eggs, onions, apples, and more to use up.  And I haven't made any muffins yet.  I am hoping my wonderful partner will make bolognese tonight or at least divide the mince and put it in the freezer.  I know I am asking a lot of him.  But I am hoping that we will appreciate it in the end!  We will likely skip the meatballs this time around.  We have some great looking sausages that we divided up and put in the freezer as well.

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