Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Waffle Irons Aren't Just for Christmas

I finally did it!  I got a waffle iron.  For the last ten years living in the UK I have really missed waffles.  (You can buy some sweetened, Belgian style waffles in the grocery stores here, but they are nothing like American waffles).  So I have been toying with the idea of making my own for a while now and I have been fighting my tendency to avoid having too many appliances in the house.  But along with my breadmaker and ice cream maker, my waffle iron---in the space of a week--has become a valued member of the clan.

I chose an Andrew James waffle iron off of both because of the good reviews and the cheap price tag.  I was expecting American style waffles because some reviewers complained they were too thin.  But these waffles are thinner than American ones and thicker than pizelles or waflle cones.  The iron makes two at a time.  Each waffle is made up of six hearts which make a flower shaped waffle.  Fun, really.

My son proclaimed that he likes waffles more than pancakes!  And tonight I have made a double batch to stick in the fridge and freezer so I have them available to heat up for the next few mornings.  I am tired, but glad to know that I have a quick and healthy breakfast for all of us.  Add some more protein and we are away!

Okay, I haven't done the soaked waffles yet.  I looked at the recipe in a sleepy haze last night.  Not that they are really complicated...but the recipe says to separate the eggs and whip some whites separately,and all of that is a weekend kind of job...

I did, however, spice things up a bit.  So, I used light brown flour---this is similar to chapati flour and is a bit lighter than whole wheat.  As it happens this looks a lot like the flour that mamas in Tanzania grind themselves.  After grinding and sieving, they throw much of the bran to the chickens since humans don't digest it well! 

After making up about half of the waffles, I added some freshly ground anise to the batter.  Yum.

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