Monday, 5 September 2011

On Reincarnation...and Ikea

See, the way reincarnation works is like this.  We are all jollying around on the Other Side doing our stuff, hanging around and soaking up the love and joy.  I mean LOVE.  And joy.  Freedom from fear.  (Because there are only two things in this universe---LOVE and FEAR.  These act as opposites.  We experience one or the other in any given situation).  So there we are.  And yet.  And yet.  There is STILL room to grow, to develop as a spiritual being.  And so we decide to have a jaunt to earth to try another life.  And here is where the whole thing reminds me of a trip to IKEA.

For your first trip to IKEA, you are full of enthusiasm.  You may have a bit of a shopping list because you have been looking at your friends' catalogues for a few years.  You know there are bargains to be had, inexpensive food in the cafe and much of the merchandise is so colourful enough to make your heart sing.  You plot your journey there, plan to stay an hour or so, and make sure to take someone with you.  You want to share the experience for sure.

And when you arrive, the great Blue Warehouse does not disappoint.  The displays are inviting, the staff at the door are friendly, and you can feel the excitement in the air.  IKEA is set up like a long winding path.  You grab your trolley, begin at the beginning and you have to weave your way to the end.  Sure there are a few doorways where you can skip ahead or jump back again, but for the most part they want you to begin in the beginning and end at the end.  (Have you ever seen people with loaded trolleys come back down to the entrance lobby?  They are confused.  Out of place.  And they have to go back and try to figure it out all over again).

As you go around you cannot help but to toss a few more items in the trolley.  Your enthusiasm for what you can fit in your life knows no bounds when faced with such an array of choices.  And since you have driven all this way, you definitely don't want to miss out, to find your self at home wishing you had been bold enough to take the chance.  (And it is actually really very hard to find what you came for).  Two hours in and you are feeling overwhelmed.  After about three hours of navigating you find yourself at the checkout.  At this point, despite all of the hope and promise you came in with, you are losing the will the live.  Exhaustion and doubt set in. 

This is all because a trip to IKEA, like a trip to earth requires a bit more than a bucket of enthusiasm.  It requires planning.  It requires a steady heart and help along the way.  Because over the years trips to IKEA do become better.  Firstly you are more realistic about the length of time it will take.  And you know that one or two stops at the cafe are needed.  (As well as a trip back to test the sofas even though you aren't buying any).  Secondly you get help.  It may seem that the staff are few and far between once you get past the entrance, but you quickly learn to utilise the help available.  The free kids play place, friends, the computers and the staff are all used to your advantage.  Because we cannot go it alone.  

All of this planning does not guarantee success.It does not guarantee freedom from heartbreak (I drove all this way and it is OUT OF STOCK?!?), or  freedom from a few headaches.  And even though you have done the trip before, you can still get overwhelmed, overly enthusiastic, and experience ultimate joy (all in one trip!). 

But fortunately we never go it alone.  We have not only God, but a host of angels and guides to help us along the way.  We have fellow humans to provide support, help to teach us lessons and inspire us to keep going.  They help us on all of our adventures, no matter what.  

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