Monday, 5 September 2011

How to Get a Deep Massage for Under $1

Yep.  And you don't need to slave over a romantic dinner either!  What you do need is a cheap (clean) tennis ball.  You can get some from a dollar store or similar.  You aren't looking for a good bounce.

Next, you need a soft surface.  Your bed or a sofa are ideal.  Please do not try this on a hard surface such as a floor.  (You can use the technique on a wall.  More on that later). 

Now, lie on your bed and place the tennis ball under your back.  Move gently to massage your muscles.  Please DO NOT place this directly under your spine.  You can make the pressure deeper by pressing yourself more firmly against the ball.  This is particularly effective to break up knots of tension.  Simply place under a knot, press to your comfort level and breathe deeply.  Allow your tension to melt away with each breath.  Remember to use the ball all over your back, hips, bum, and shoulders even if your pain is in one spot. 

Breaking up tension helps restore a healthy blood flow to the area.  You may feel a bit sore for a day or so after a deep massage, but the tension will ease and the area will be able to heal.

Go easy with this technique until you get the hang of it.  Please resist the urge to use more than one tennis ball.  One will do the trick. 

You can easily fit a tennis ball into your suitcase or workbag to help relieve back tension from travelling or deskwork.  You can use your tennis ball against a wall as well. 

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