Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Spirit: Reminders

My son is a very early riser. (I too used to be a morning person before I had children).  So, I often find myself stumbling around a chilly house, getting some breakfast and cartoons for my son before crawling back into bed again for a few more minutes under the duvet.  The other morning he woke at 5:30 am.  So I did the usual and I had only been back in bed for a couple of minutes when I heard my son yelling from downstairs.  When I emerged it was into a pitch black house.  It was still so dark outside that opening the curtains did little to help us find each other in the dark.  We started looking (or more like feeling) in the usual places for torches, only to find a few which did not work.  I was about to look for matches when I remembered that my Other Half had left them out after using the BBQ last weekend. 

We were trying to negotiate each room very carefully because I also knew there were toys everywhere.  My son finally grabbed my phone to get a glimmer of light.  And with that I happened upon a working torch.  As I traipsed up and down switching the circuit breaker, and  looking for the offending appliance which caused our power cut, I had to laugh at myself that I was so ill prepared for such an event.  Between the toys everywhere, the dead batteries, and the lack of available slippers I was feeling rather silly.  And I told myself that I must sort this situation out.  These little things can make a difference.  It was then I heard a clear voice tell me: And you need to attend to your daily healing meditation. 

Just the day before I had been toying with the idea of setting aside an evening each week for a healing ritual and asking people via my blog if they would like me to send distant healing.  This voice seemed to say that healing was something I needed to attend to every day for myself and others.  Just as I intend to be ready with torches in an emergency, I dabble with prayer, healing and meditation when I can "find the time."  But busy family life means that I often only take the time when I am desperate.  When I reach a point of need.  But recharging my batteries is really something that needs to be done more often so I am prepared in a crisis. 

Later that day I realised the importance of the message when I found out that a former colleague of mine, Jude Tebbitt was abducted in Kenya.  I had been following the news story a bit anyway, but was shocked to find it was someone I actually knew.  (This type of thing doesn't happen to someone you know).  And right away I felt that I need to change my ways.  She needed help NOW and couldn't wait until next Monday.  I need healing every day and so does everyone else.  It feeds the soul and meditation helps us find ourselves and our purpose.  Prayer helps us achieve our goals and guides us on our path.

And so I am making more of an effort.  The batteries are in the charger.  We aren't that great at picking up the toys yet, but we are working on it.  And our spiritual practices are developing more and more.  It is important to me that the children are able to grow spiritually as well.  And therefore I need to teach by example.  Just the other night as I was tucking a very tired child into bed, I asked "shall we say our prayers?" and the reply was a sleepy, "no, thanks."  I think that too often I use this same excuse.  My quick thanksgiving prayer and then lights out.  Taking the time for Spirit is essential for wellbeing and needs to be done before the lights go out.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I too will send positive energy to her.

    I love the sentiment in this message Amy. It reminds me that we are all god and god is us. I recently read a quote, long old now, "We are made of star stuff." Carl Sagon All the materials that make every atom of our planet and what's on it have existed since the beginning of time. And the same goes for energy. It's all here waiting for us to develop, it, us, it's all the same.

    Oh, and I always have charged camping lights in the closets. They have come in very useful.