Friday, 10 August 2012

So things went a bit wrong...

I haven't posted much lately, although I am constantly writing posts into my journal.  The main reason is that my computer does not work, the second that my broadband is extremely slow and it is not easy to type long posts on this phone.

In other news my partner and I have split up, so now I can be a single parent-who-yearns-for-a-whole-foods-and-wholesome-altogether-lifestyle-but-fails-miserably-and-ends-up-at-(ick)-McDonald's kind of blogger.  Once I get a computer and move to a place with modern conveniences like central heating and decent broadband that is.

In a flurry of optimism I hope that by taking some time away from the blog I am spending more time in nature and chopping things, fermenting stuff, meditating....well some of that is getting done in between wrestling with my 1 and 5 year olds, tripping over the ironing pile and praying no one shows up for a cuppa----assuming that I have a clean mug somewhere around here.

In truth, though my life is currently quite chaotic I have great hope for the future of my little family and look forward to writing about our adventures.

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