Sunday, 29 January 2012

On Finding God

I read recently a quote about people leaving church and finding God.  Now if I had a better memory or a stronger desire to make the effort to find the quote I would tell you who it was who came up with that one.  It is pure genius and certainly speaks of my experience. 

A few months back I was listening to Michael Neill (Intuitive Life Coach) speaking on his show on  He was talking about the concept of Buying In to whatever it is we are "supposed" to be doing.  The example he gave was of a teenager not really doing chores, etc until they Buy In to the importance of contributing to family life.  Likewise, regardless of what we read, hear or are being nagged to do, we cannot fully take part until we Buy In to why we benefit.

I think that this is a key concept in faith and a spiritual life.  I have always had the gift of faith---since I could remember anyway.  And I was raised with the ritual and traditions of the Catholic Church.  I quite enjoyed participating in the various ceremonies, the choir, and later youth retreats.  But like so many teenagers I lost my faith in the Church.  I could no longer Buy In to the need for the Bible, confession, some of the rituals of the Mass.  This partly came from reading the Bible.  Most of it.  Sad, but true.  Although I read it, and even got a bit out of it, it didn't speak to me in a way that enhanced my spiritual practice at that time.  I just couldn't accept that it was all that useful if it was written by men, most of whom never met Jesus, and which then went on to cause so much strife in the world.  As I heard Coversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch say on the radio recently---if any of the religious texts and practices we have now were the answer, then why is everyone still searching for God?  I am sure I paraphrased there.

I more or less stopped going to church for many, many years and only attend sporadically now.  I suspect that this is true of so many people nowadays.  And I think it is because we find it difficult to Buy In to religion.  As children we are carted in to church and told to sit still and be quiet.  Rituals which were actually designed to bring us closer to God became chore lists, without meaning.  This has been the case not only for our generation, but for many generations in fact.  This is a shame really.  I am not sure if there is a better way---I certainly hope that I can share with my children a bit of my understanding of Spirit. 

Over the years I have read a lot, about a lot of different things---new age---Buddhism, Shamanism, a bit about Druids....I hung out with Native Americans, Jews, and Muslims....trying to glean some meaning to life.  And I do believe that I have found it.  I don't know everything, but I do have very strong beliefs.  And I became a spiritual healer along the way.  Not only is this one of the greatest gifts, but the ability to connect to Spirit and renew my faith daily is great indeed.  Having found Spirit, it is now much easier to find it wherever I go.  It may be in a church, or the Bible, definitely in other people, and often in other religions has become a cliche for a reason.  Maybe this is just the way we are going.  Because we ARE doing it right.


  1. It breaks my heart to read of your leaving the Catholic Church :-( Unfortunately, lots of cradle Catholics have experiences similar to yours. Please check out, and/or they can help you learn, understand, and live the joys of Holy Mother Church. If nothing else, they can help you understand and make a fully informed choice. We'll pray for you in earnest. God bless you and your lovely family!

  2. Thank you so much for your comments and prayers. I have very little access to the Internet these days and have to take a bit of a break from the blog. But I can try to look up the sites you mention soon.

    I appreciate the support. I think that this might be what I am missing from my life, a sense of community and support in faith. In these modern times it is easy to flounder around a bit!

  3. Hi Amy!

    I just found your post through a blog. I was thrilled by the title so I got here.

    After reading it I wanted to share with you the fact that even though the Bible was written by men this doesn't mean that women are dim in front of God. There are strong women with character right there in the Bible.
    Those men (the Bible authors) actually knew Jesus, and certainly better then we do. The Holy Spirit was always with them - teaching them, speaking to them and instructing.
    No, it's not that they caused srife in the world. The strife was, is and will be created by those who don't trully understand what the true God is really about. Think about the crusades. The wore a label: "for the glory of God" but they actually didn't work as God designed His true children to work. They used violence to force other people become "christians". You cannot use force because God doesn't use it even for the worst of us.
    Be careful with those that call themselves priests or pops or people who talk about God on TV. The one you wrote about seems to not undestand to much about the search of God. "Searching for God" is not a destination it's a journey that never ends. And of course beware of rituals that have nothing to do with the glory of God and are just formalities (and churches are full of them). I truly reccomend reading the book "The Great Controversy" by E.G.White. It's one of the best books to read in life and so precious to our souls.

    Have a nice journey closed to God!