Friday, 15 April 2011


I have been having computer problems and have been missing being able to blog about my adventures of late.  And today I have some very exciting news to share

My cat, Ellie, was meowing rather loudly outside by bedroom door at 5 am this morning.  I knew something was up and followed her.  She led me to the kitchen airing cupboard where I had set up a few blankets and old towels in the hopes of enticing her to give birth there.  When I tried to leave and get a jumper, she followed me and brought me back to the airing cupboard and settled down.  We sat companionably for a five or ten minutes when she started convulsing a bit.  This went on for a bit and I was not sure that anything would really happen.  When I finally saw a shiny black thing coming out I could hardly believe it.  This first birth took the longest and she spent so much time licking the creature within an inch of its life, I thought maybe she only had the one.  They settled in together and I eventually decided to make some breakfast.  I took my tea to the sofa for a rest and checked on her one last time to find another kitten coming out.  The next one came quickly after that.  My son woke up at about 7 am and we watched them for a bit and left them to rest.  After I took a nap we went back to find a fourth kitten.

The first three have colouring and markings just like their mum.  The last one is a bit ginger or grey---it is too soon to tell I think.  More like their aunt.

I had always thought that cats like to give birth in private.  So I feel especially honoured that Ellie actually wanted me there.  She doesn't want me touching them I think.  But it was a very special morning.  They are tucked away and Ellie is getting a bit of sleep as they suckle non stop.  (And I thought newborn babies nursed a lot!).  She has been fed and seems content.

It is difficult to get a good photo in a dark cupboard when they are all tucked up.  But this one got away for a minute so I could get a shot.  He or she welcomed the opportunity to get back to Mum to suckle when I put her back!

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