Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Birth Plans

During my last pregnancy my carefully planned birth plan went out the window as I went into premature labour and wasn't allowed things like water births, midwife-led units...etc.  And although I am happy to have a healthy son and a healthy me, I admit I was a bit disappointed how it all panned out. 

I so wanted things to be different this time around and thought I would do some research into ways to cope in natural childbirth.  I investigated home births, hiring birthing pools, Hypnobirthing, Natal Hypnotherapy, Active Birth and Homeopathy. 

But the best laid plans can go awry as have mine--again. 

I am not necessarily against medical interventions.  Ideally I could give birth under the moonlight with a wise woman and my mother, but the reality is that I am bit too squeamish--or nervous for that!  I like the security that a hospital provides, especially since I experienced some complications last time and needed to head to the operating theatre shortly after the birth.  I know full well that the glaring lights and strangers in hospital have been proven to slow labour down as soon as a woman walks in the door.  I also know that walking through the door can lead to all sorts of medical interventions which may or may not be needed.  But I can tell you that when a doctor tells you that you need to have some medical intervention in order to save your baby or yourself your ideals fly out the window and you simply want for a healthy baby.  It is all that matters in the whole world at that moment.

A few months ago I was told that a homebirth was not advisable due to the complications I had last time.  I was okay with this.  I did say I was nervous about the idea.  I was told a while back that there was a small chance that I would need a c-section due to a "low-lying placenta,"  which thankfully has corrected itself.  But now I have been told that in order to prevent problems with my baby I may need to be induced in the next few weeks.

This could mean a premature baby.  But apparently this is preferable to the complications which could arise if she stays in much longer.  While I await further testing and decisions, I am filled with worry, but also quite grateful for the advances in medicine which will give us the best possible chance of health for both of us. 

With an induction I can still use my Natal Hypnotherapy and Birth Skills, and Active Birth, as long as the induction is successful.  And I am still holding out hope that everything will be fine and I can go ahead with a completely natural birth.  So all is not "lost."  We will just have to wait and see what happens!

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