Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Single Crunchy Mama post #1

I have neglected my blog for a loooong time.  It isn't that I haven't thought about my blog. I have even drafted long posts in various journals....but a series of technical problems, including computer breakdown, lack of internet and good old fashioned procrastination has kept us apart.

But I think that will change.  My two munchkins and I have moved to a new home.  We have a working (mostly) computer.  We have Internet.  All systems go. 

It is a good time for me really.  A new home in a new little village.  It has now been two years since my ex-partner officially moved out (2.5 years since we split).Thomas Moore says that it takes at least two years to get over a significant breakup---that anyone else who comes along is likely to be placed on a pedestal etc.  So, I have entered the "safety zone" where dating is concerned.  Not that I have time or energy for that!!

I spend my days unschooling with my kids J (7) and S (2).  S attends nursery a few hours per week.  We attend various home education groups each week.....but mostly we hang out at home: cooking, crafting, exploring....tripping over boxes of stuff we haven't unpacked yet (mostly because we don't have room for all of our things).  I am looking for work, looking to improve our healthy lifestyle, looking to decrease the nasty chemicals etc, and looking for love..(well not really looking as much as hoping it falls in my lap in between the playground and the grocery store, but it sounds romantic.)

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