Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Making the Switch to Whole Foods?

I have been interested in making the switch to whole foods since I read Sugar Blues by William Dufty nearly twenty years ago.  Interested, tried a few times, failed a whole lot, and for the most part felt bad about my diet ever since! 

I have a sweet tooth.  And although I have spent a few years avoiding refined sugars, it has never been a permanent change.  And I suspect it might not ever happen.  I guess I just couldn't imagine not eating wedding cake at my own wedding.  And although I would love to give my children a very healthy diet, I don't want them to go completely berserk at a birthday party at their first taste of refined sugar or, God forbid, sweeteners!

I have been inspired by the Nourishing Traditions way of eating because it might help explain why I did not necessarily enjoy improved health during my ten years as a vegetarian.  The key elements I am taking away from my reading, and introducing into my home are:
  • Whole Foods contain nutrients which are stripped away during processing.  And so I am purchasing unrefined salt, unrefined sugars, and unrefined oils as much as possible.
  • Some whole foods, such as grains, nuts and seeds are not easily digested by humans and therefore require processing.  By processing I do not mean heat and industrial conveyor belts, but fermenting, soaking, and sprouting.  These are time consuming activities, but possibly worth it?
  • You will be hungry until you provide your body with the nutrients it needs.  By eating properly, cravings for sweets and the like diminish naturally. 
Having said all of that, I need to take things slowly.  After reading about the shocking things I am doing to my body by eating too much junk, it is easy to become fanatical, like one who has found a new religion.  But it is not that easy to change from convenience foods to cooking everything--including ketchup--from scratch. 

And so I am working my way through my pantry.  Using up what I have, replacing with whole foods options, and simply not buying the more processed products.  I am not entirely sure where this journey will take me.  We will see how I get on.  And how the family gets on as well!

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